Please print off and complete your forms before coming to your first appointment.  This will save valuable time for actually meeting together rather than filling out paperwork.  Feel free to skip any questions you feel uncomfortable completing.  The information you include is for my eyes only, will not be shared with anyone else, and gives me a jump-start on how I can be most helpful to you during your sessions.


Each individual client needs to complete their own intake and consent forms.  Also, if you are struggling with depression, anxiety or stress, please complete the Depression, Anxiety & Stress Scale.


If you are seeking marriage or couples counseling, each individual needs to complete an individual intake packet, informed consent form as well as the Couples Supplement.

other forms

If we haven't met in over a year, please complete the Information Update Form. 

You may access the current HIPAA Privacy Notice (This does not need to be completed - it is for your reference only)

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